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January 30, 2017

CloudCities adds IFC Support to its BIM-Enabled 3D City Models


CloudCities, formerly known as SmarterBetterCities, has announced a new upgrade to its platform to support the IFC (industry foundation classes) file format for BIM.

This news follows the company’s announcement last October that it had integrated VUEWorks asset management products into its 3D city model service. That partnership enabled the easy integration of asset data, BIM, CAD, and GIS information with 3D reality data such as 3D meshes.

With the added IFC support, the company says, working with BIM in the cloud is simplified further. The import workflow now offers user-friendly grouping options.

CloudCities has also added an attribute editor, which shows attributes in a spreadsheet beside a matching 3D view. Click on the object in the scene, and it is highlighted on the spreadsheet. Click on the object in the spreadsheet, and CloudCities highlights the object in the 3D view.

Lastly, CloudCities has improved their security options. Users can now share 3D web scenes as public, unlisted, or private. The last option is restricted to the owner of the scene, or any users who are given a password.

The new features are available now at

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