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July 7, 2017

ClearEdge Buys Pericept's Smartphone As-Built Verification Tech


ClearEdge3D makes Verity, an application that “compares point clouds of your as-built against your design model, and helps you verify that work went according to the plan.” Pericept has a similar tool, BIMTrace, that uses smartphone and tablet photography to provide a similar QA process at a much smaller barrier to entry and with much faster results.

Yesterday ClearEdge announced its acquisition of Pericept, bringing the two technologies under the same roof.

The fit is clean: Both are Navisworks-compatible, and each fits a different need. Verity is a better fit for larger comparisons, or jobs where accuracy is the utmost concern. BIMtrace is better for situations where laser scanning is unnecessary or prohibitive.

According to the official release, ClearEdge intends to integrate BIMTrace’s algorithms and features in Verity moving forward.

“Verity and BIMtrace utilize different but quite complementary technologies,” said ClearEdge3D CEO Chris Scotton. “The prospect of combining them into a single offering is immensely exciting for ClearEdge and for construction executives worldwide.”

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