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July 30, 2018

Cepton signs agreement to put mini lidar sensors in car lights

With each announcement, we creep incrementally closer to the day when lidar will come standard in every automobile.

This week, it’s Cepton, which has announced an agreement with Koito Manufacturing, a global tier-one supplier of exterior auto lighting.

Cepton’s solid-state lidar sensors are small enough that they can be placed directly into these exterior auto lights, such as headlights and brake lights, to offer data on the cars surroundings from four different vantage points. The sensors can detect objects at a distance of up to 300 meters.

In an official statement, Koito explained that it is testing a number of possibilities as it looks to outfit its lighting systems with sensors. As part of the agreement, Cepton will send a shipment of customized lidar that Koito will test for functionality, performance, and reliability.

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