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January 22, 2014

Building documentation survey seeks input on 3D software


3rd USIBD survey asks professionals to respond by Feb. 7

Are your building documentation software needs being met with what’s available in the market? Do your clients own the appropriate software platforms to receive the full value of your deliverables? Those are just two questions in a new online survey from the U.S. Institute for Building Documentation (USIBD), closing Feb. 7.

This is the USIBD’s third online survey of industry professionals to help the trade group identify where the industry is positioned and where it is heading. Results of the surveys are compiled in Cornerstone Reports, quarterly reviews of select aspects – including the use of 3D imaging hardware and software – of the building documentation industry.

The latest survey, online through Feb. 7, will produce the third Cornerstone Report, which is focused on software. Another survey question asks professionals “How often are you being asked or are you providing project data in the model/building records (equipment lists, product data sheets, warranties, spare parts lists, and preventive maintenance schedules, etc.) into the model/building records?”

Formed in April 2012, the USIBD’s goal is to establish and promote building documentation as a “distinct industry” by developing industry standards for ethical business practices to be codified in a manual. The plan is to use the manual in establishing a Certified Building Documentation Professional (CBDP) certification program by 2017 for service providers based on a core set of principles and best practices.

1st Cornerstone Report

The first Cornerstone Report was released in July and shed light on the industry’s use of 3D imaging technologies – or non-use, as over 75 percent of respondents to the first survey said their clients used 3D imaging in just 25 percent of projects. Still, nearly 75 percent of professionals responding to the first survey said they expect client use of 3D imaging to increase by 50 percent within the next year.

Here’s some of the most common comments about hardware and software manufacturers from the first report:

  • Improvement is needed in customer service
  • Overstated capabilities
  • Software price point is too high
  • Interoperability is deficient

2nd Cornerstone Report

The second Cornerstone Report was released in October and revealed the most popular hardware manufacturers for building documentation professionals, who responded to the survey.

  • Leica Geosystems – 60 percent
  • FARO Technologies – 38 percent
  • Trimble Navigation – 29 percent
  • All other manufacturers – <10 percent

The second report also showed building documentation professionals identified themselves in two major groups – surveyors (60 percent) and service providers (23 percent). These were followed by seven additional groups of professions each totaling under 4 percent – software manufacturers were third with 3.7 percent. Architects and contractors each represented 2.8 percent of respondents, while asset owners and engineers were each less than 1 percent.

The surveys apply to anyone associated with the industry of documenting buildings. Everyone who contributes to the survey will be eligible to receive a copy of the Cornerstone Report, USIBD Member or not. Questions/comments/concerns? Contact USIBD Technology Committee Chair Ted Mort at [email protected].

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