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November 1, 2022

Bringing reality capture to its full potential

Three key sessions on 3D scanning and lidar not to miss at Geo Week 2023

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Central to digitizing workflows across industries is using reality capture to get an accurate picture of existing conditions, and serve as a baseline for models and plans for development. The introduction of SLAM lidar systems, as well as the increasing accuracy and versatility of terrestrial and airborne lidar have opened up new niches and possibilities that have not previously been available to users. 

Bringing together experts from across these industries, the Geo Week conference program has cross-cutting sessions that will provide a closer look at many of the most important topics in digital workflows, reality capture and processing, and applications of collected data. The below 3 sessions are a snapshot of some of the innovations that will be highlighted on the Geo Week Conference Program.

Reality Capture in the Real World: Challenges and Opportunities

Digitizing assets is not always a straightforward task. Digitizing as-built structures can provide an accurate, accessible snapshot of an asset, allowing project managers and other stakeholders to have a starting point for future work. As reality capture technologies have continued to evolve, so too have the workflows for capturing as-built documentation, including workflows that accelerate the pathway from 3D scans to BIM, floorplans, or other useful formats for stakeholders. Reality Capture in the Real World will highlight innovative projects and workflows that are bringing scans to new heights. 

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Advanced Visualization and Applications of AR/VR/XR

The promises of reality capture technology – to increase ROI, to create digital representations of real-world projects, and to increase the accuracy and fidelity of models – are beginning to be realized across industries. While these promises are common, Advanced Visualization and Applications of AR/VR/XR will look at some of the challenges that still remain to get these benefits from reality capture. Where are the stumbling blocks and bottlenecks? What opportunities are there for improving capture processes, and what lessons can be learned from previous shortcomings? 

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Unique Case Studies Showcase

How is lidar being used in unique, innovative, and forward-thinking ways? During the Unique Case Studies Showcase, fast-paced presentations will showcase some of the most interesting and sometimes category-defying applications of lidar and reality capture, coming from places you might not expect, and at scales that we have not seen before. Don’t miss this session if you want to be inspired and hear about some truly unique projects.

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Want to learn more about the latest in 3D innovations? Attend the 2023 edition of Geo Week!

Geo Week features more than 180 solutions providers showcasing the latest technology across the disciplines under the Geo Week umbrella – AEC, 3D technology and geospatial/lidar. A powerful conference program will detail practical applications, best practices, and innovative approaches to complex projects. Thousands of attendees will be onsite to network, explore market-specific challenges, and make headway on the larger issues facing the industry as a whole. Registration is now open -  click here to register today.

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