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March 11, 2011

Brand-new 3d Imaging Association launches

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Non-profit organization focused on education, communication for industry

HOUSTON—We here at have been working with Ken Smerz, head of Precision 3D Scanning, a service provider doing laser scanning for the construction vertical, in creating what we believe is the first non-profit trade association dedicated to 3D imaging. Essentially, we lent some technical support to help him get a web site off the ground and figure out a couple of the particulars of launching an organization. It will be unveiled at the SPAR Conference March 21, here at the Marriott. Below is the press release that announces the creation of the 3D Professional Association:

The world is going 3D … and now there is an association to support the education, promotion, and development of those working within the 3d world: The ‘3d Professional Association,’ also known as ‘3dPA’

The mission of this non-profit association is to share information and to educate members regarding anything relative to 3d imaging.  

Membership will consist of providers, users, developers, academic community, and vendors. The 3dPA plan on immediately serving the following markets:  Architects/Engineers/Contractors (AEC), Building Information Modeling (BIM), forensics, transportation, industry, manufacturing, power, nuclear, historical preservation, gaming/entertainment, airborne LiDAR, film industry, and scholars.

The association has many goals, but the most basic is to help the membership become successful in achieving their objectives in providing a platform for the fresh exchange of information on 3d imaging on a global basis. The 3dPA will also be a resource for technical information as well as forging new relationships within the industry.  

Membership is open to anyone who desires to learn and participate in taking the world 3d.

Additional details will be forthcoming as the launch of this worldwide project occurs at the upcoming SPAR 2011 Conference, to be held this March 21-24 in Houston, TX. 

For more information, please contact Ken Smerz, Executive Director of the ‘3d Professional Association’ at [email protected].

Web site:

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