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October 10, 2013

Boosting BIM is aim of new measurement system


Topcon’s new IS-310 works with MAGNET to automate workflow

Topcon debuted its IS-310 imaging layout station to boost Building Information Modeling (BIM) productivity in the construction layout and as-built phases of any building project including interior measurement and layout, and on HVAC, piping, walls, ceilings and fixtures.

Livermore, Calif.-based Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. (TPS) said the IS-310 also has a 360° Photo Fieldbook program that records each point, providing the operator a recreated ‘as-built’ panoramic image of the entire scene at any time.

“This feature eliminates any confusion about what was occurring on the job site at any time on any specific phase of the project,” said Scott Langbein, director of product marketing.

TPS is the world’s largest manufacturer of precision GPS and GNSS systems, commercial lasers, and optical instruments for the global surveying, civil engineering, asset management, mapping, construction, agriculture and mobile control industries.

The new instrument also features a built-in, dual-camera – telephoto and wide-angle – system for a permanent photo record of projects.

The IS-310 also includes live video control, allowing the operator to aim the device at high structural points by touching the display on a Topcon Tesla field controller or utilizing the built-in laser pointer.

The IS-310 is used with Topcon’s MAGNET Field Layout and MAGNET Office Layout software, which can exchange data with MAGNET Enterprise and Autodesk’s AutoCAD 360 BIM software.

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