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February 22, 2005

BitWyse to Acquire Visi Image

Last week we reported on industry rumors of consolidation.  Here’s one we were able to substantiate.

BitWyse, Salem, MA, informs us it has agreed to acquire laser scanner manufacturer Visi Image, Houston, TX.  Visi Image manufactures the 3Dguru, a phase-based laser scanner.  BitWyse CEO Mark Klusza says the company will publish APIs to enable third parties and customers to integrate 3Dguru data with their applications.  BitWyse will also offer the scanner with its own suite of existing-conditions data management tools.

Dennis Hirota, president, Sam. O. Hirota, Honolulu, HI, who owns a 3Dguru scanner, sees the acquisition as “definitely a positive” for BitWyse and says he looks forward to tighter integration between LASERGen and the 3Dguru.

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