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June 3, 2020

Bentley Systems acquires NoteVault for voice-based field automation


To enhance its SYNCHRO portfolio for digital construction, Bentley Systems has announced the acquisition of NoteVault, a provider of voice-based field automation for construction management. NoteVault is used by some of the largest firms on the ENR Top 400, but also in medium and small construction companies. It is a software-as-a-services (SaaS) solution that can be used on mobile devices but its specialty is in offering “natural language” for voice commands.

Natural language development is an area where AI is making strides in technology. Rather than having to utter very specific commands, natural language processing can recognize speech in context, and allow for a more intuitive interface between humans and computers.

NoteVault’s voice-based field applications are used to track and manage labor, materials and equipment. The acquisition will extend Bentley’s SYNCHRO digital construction environment.

NoteVault’s solution uses automated machine learning and offers natural language automated speech-to-text. Because NoteVault has been engineered specifically for construction site mobile field reporting, it can also recognize construction-specific language. This ability can lead to more accurate transcription, and also enables automated translation so non-native English speakers can submit daily reports more easily using their native language. With NoteVault on their mobile devices, construction professionals can help synchronize status reporting effortlessly while saving time and money, reducing the risk of contractual disputes.

While certainly not the most flashy aspect of construction – accurate field reports are a crucial part of successful project delivery on site. For Bentley Systems, enhancing field reports is a part of maximizing the value of digital twins.

“Digital twins continue to transform the way projects are delivered and operated. Inherent in every digital twin is a stream of continuously updated data, and for construction, automating the semantic interpretation of field reports can now be one of the richest sources of live project information. With the addition of NoteVault’s market-leading resource tracking capabilities, the SYNCHRO 4D construction environment delivers the most comprehensive construction digital twin solution available. We are excited to continue advancing the scope of construction digital twins.”

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