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July 12, 2016

Bentley Inks Deal with Shell to Power Capital Project Planning Solution


Bentley Systems has announced a new Global Framework Agreement with oil and gas giant Shell. Under the terms of the agreement, Bentley will supply an automated 4D/5D construction management solution to Shell as a managed service.

The solution will be based on Bentley’s ConstructSim product. ConstructSim uses 3D models as a basis for simulating work in the 4th and 5th dimension (scheduling and cost) according to the constraints and priorities of any given construction project.

The agreement shores up Shell’s ProjectVantage program, a multi-vendor approach to capital project delivery. ProjectVantage is focused on improving project quality by improving business processes such as design, logistics, materials management, construction, commissioning and hand-over to operations.

The ProjectVantage program uses the Construction Industry Institute’s advanced work packaging (AWP) methodology to deliver projects faster, better, and more safely. It aims to improve cross-discipline and supplier collaboration, control data through the capital project lifecycle, and apply standards as well as enable replication of projects.

In a prepared statement Greg Bentley, Bentley Systems CEO and executive sponsor of the company’s Shell relationship, said, “Shell deserves credit for leading the energy industry to find innovative ways to continue to improve the affordability of capital projects, through the efficiency and predictability achievable through CII’s Advanced Work Packaging playbook. By championing AWP through ProjectVantage for its own projects, Shell is also helping their EPCs toward project delivery performance breakthroughs—leveraging software technologies and cloud services, for the benefit of every project. Shell’s experience to date in applying 4D and 5D initiatives on major projects corroborates both CII’s findings about productivity gains attainable through AWP, as well as ProjectWise ConstructSim’s contribution.”

Martin Swaine, Shell 4D/5D program manager, said, “Shell has been pleased with the trend of benefits seen during our projects’ increasing use of ProjectWise ConstructSim. Together with Bentley, we look to build on these improvements with our supply chain to collectively deliver safer and better projects.”

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