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September 19, 2012

Bentley acquires Ivara to augment AssetWise


Software provides asset performance management solutions

EXTON, Pa. – Bentley Systems announced this week it has acquired Ivara Corporation, a provider of asset performance management (APM) software based in Ontario, Canada. Ivara serves customers in “asset-intensive industries,” including mining and metals, power generation and utilities, oil and gas, and petrochemical, according to a press release. Ivara’s core product is the EXP solution, which “helps owner-operators to obtain the best performance, reliability, and safety from their assets.” The software is designed to keep assets available and better utilized, which extends the life of the asset and reduces operational costs. Further, the software helps manage risk, along with compliance and regulatory issues.

Terms of the deal were not released. The Ivara solution will extend, said Bentley, its AssetWise asset lifecycle information management software.

You can see a quick demonstration of the Ivara software here:


“Through Ivara EXP,” said Paul Marshall, formerly CEO of Ivara and now Bentley VP of asset performance, in a statement, “AssetWise will now be able to uniquely link as-designed, as-built, and as-operated information models. Advantages to owners will include new capabilities to transform engineering data into actionable reliability strategies that better control and operate equipment as intended and as learned, and to take full advantage of information mobility through immersive and interactive 3D models in safer training, inspections, and maintenance. EPCs will benefit by virtue of more valuably leveraged ‘hands-on’ commissioning deliverables, and ultimately through the feedback of APM operations intelligence, in turn.”

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley added to that in a release, “The Ivara acquisition may be our most significant in years, because it creates an unprecedented opportunity for us to leverage information mobility – not only within but between CAPEX and OPEX.”

He said that despite large investments by many operators in gathering more information, that information often is underutilized because of the difficulty of sharing it and moving it around.

“But with Ivara,” he said, “and our resulting APM focus we are today accelerating information mobility – in terms of the amounts and types of information productively reused – by software innovations ranging from interactive inspections to health modeling, which apply consumer-driven technology advances to ‘industrialized’ projects and environments.”

Bentley believes that 3D data capture will play a large role here, for example in the aforementioned “interactive inspection,” which “will increasingly take advantage of immersive information mobility technologies combining, as appropriate, smart mobile devices; dynamic forms; as-maintained 3D ‘hypermodels’ to navigate via interactive callouts in context for design and construction drawings, specifications and maintenance instructions, safety animations, and more; and convenient capture of 3D point-cloud imagery for trend differencing.”

Ideally, the Ivara buy will allow Bentley to make that 3D data more readily available to those in the operation who can use it to make better asset management decisions.

Ivara is an IBM Member-Level Partner with Certified Ready for Tivoli integration as well as an SAP Software Solution Partner with SAP Certified – Powered by NetWeaver integration, according to the release.

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