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April 17, 2012

AVEVA Laser Modeller now available for purchase


Firm says software reduces 3D modeling time by up to 50%

HOUSTON – Last year at this time, AVEVA turned heads with the release of its Laser Modeller software at SPAR 2011, designed to cut down modeling time by automating the extraction of assets from point clouds data and the creation of PDMS models. Yesterday at SPAR 2012, the company announced the package is now available for commercial purchase.

Further, the company is saying that the software “can reduce brownfield facility intelligent 3D modeling time by up to 50%. Key customers have over the past 12 months played an integral role in the development and testing process of this new product.”

“Thanks to AVEVA Laser Modeller, traditional costly techniques for converting laser scan data into an intelligent 3D model are now obsolete,” said Bruce Douglas, senior VP marketing & product strategy at AVEVA. “In the past, investment in the creation of 3D models was hard to justify. AVEVA Laser Modeller changes the fundamental ground rules by adding automation to most aspects of the modelling process, producing a fully intelligent 3D model in a fraction of the time and cost previously required.

“Working with key customers on real projects has proved that Owner Operators can save up to 50% of effort in producing the intelligent model,” he continued. “This reduces the lead time on large scale modeling of a brownfield facility and allows large scale re-engineering of assets and upgrade and revamp projects to take place significantly quicker leading to the efficient long-term management of complex physical assets.” 

“AVEVA Laser Modeller rapidly and cost-effectively transforms laser scan data into intelligent, as-built 3D PDMS models,” added Gary Farrow, VP, LFM Software, who joined AVEVA when LFM was acquired last fall. “Accepting laser scan data from all laser scanning hardware vendors, AVEVA Laser Modeller is completely neutral and demonstrates our commitment to interoperability. It is unique in the marketplace as it removes the need to produce dumb geometric models.”

You can see a demonstration of the software at SPAR International through April 18. 

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