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April 30, 2012

Aveva, Laser Modeller, and LFM


HOUSTON – Aveva made news here at SPAR International with the commercial release of Laser Modeller, a software product that was first announced at SPAR International 2011 and has reportedly produced reductions of modeling time of as much as 50 percent in the beta testing phase. Its principle selling point is the automatic extraction of assets from point clouds and the quick creation of 3D PDMS models. 

No longer, Aveva says, will asset owners have to scan their facilities, use the resulting point cloud to create a “dumb” CAD model, and then trace the PDMS on top of that. Instead, users will be able to build an intelligent model from the outset, using the point cloud as the base data and the automatic feature extraction capabilities, and then export out a PDMS model directly from that work. This, the company believes, will help laser scanning and 3D data acquisition feed asset owners’ desire for better 3D asset management capabilities. 

To learn more about this concept, and discuss further how the acquisition of LFM affected Aveva’s capabilities with point clouds, this reporter took the opportunity to interview Matt Craig, head of business development for LFM at Aveva. In the following video, you can hear him expand on the above points and discuss the ways in which LFM fits into the overall picture at Aveva:


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