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May 14, 2013

ASC debuts 3D lidar space camera


Real-time streaming 3D point cloud data capable of supporting International Space Station rendezvous

Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc., the leading supplier of 3D cameras for terrestrial and space applications, on Monday introduced the GoldenEye 3D flash lidar camera designed specifically for a wide range of space operations.

Based in Santa Barbara, Calif., ASC develops 3D sensors technology and cameras for automated 3D applications from mobile vehicles in air, space or on the ground and 3D videos for mapping, surveillance, games or movies.

The GoldenEye generates real-time streaming 3D point cloud data capable of supporting ISS (International Space Station) rendezvous and berthing/docking, on-orbit satellite servicing, entry, decent and landing on planets/moons/asteroids, mapping, collision avoidance and situational awareness.

The technology allows for 16,300 3D individual range and intensity points to be generated as 3D point cloud images or video streams per laser pulse in real-time.

The robust, small, lightweight design tolerates shock, vibration and vacuum environments and is capable of imaging meters to kilometers.

“After years of research, development and testing, ASC is pleased to offer a mature, proven technology designed specifically for space,” said CEO Roger Stettner.

The GoldenEye can be configured for both deep space (SOLID configuration) or for near earth and moon operations (GEO3D configuration).

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