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April 12, 2018

Arvizio debuts collaboration suite for AEC HoloLens users

Today Ontario-based software vendor Arvizio announced an update to MR Studio, its flagship product for enterprise mixed-reality. Previously, the application offered visualization of complex 3D models (including point clouds from your DotProduct), real-time collaboration, and enterprise data integration for Microsoft HoloLens. Now, multiple users in different locations can view and interact with life-size 3D holographic models in AR.

The update to MR Studio brings three new modes. In HoloSync, users in the same location walk around the same 1:1 model, each with their own vantage. These users can share annotations and highlight areas of interest. In Multi-Room, users in multiple locations view and walk through shared models, with avatars representing the location of remote users. The mode also includes audio bridging and annotation features. Lastly, the Remote mode offers users the option of using a HoloLens or even a laptop to see the real-time video feed from a selected headset. These users can participate with audio, video, text chat, and annotation.

Christine Perey, President of PEREY Research & Consulting adds, “as has been shown with multipoint unified communications and video collaboration, there are many use cases that benefit from input and immediate feedback from experts or customers across locations. As the use of wearable AR devices proliferates, the creativity-expanding and cost-saving impacts of these tools will quickly justify the addition of Arvizio technologies in an enterprise’s collaboration toolkit.“

For more information, see Arvizio’s website here.

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