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July 10, 2020

Archicad 24 includes major updates to BIMx and BIMcloud

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GRAPHISOFT, makers of Archicad, have announced the release of Archicad 24. The latest version of Archicad introduces new integrated workflow technology aiming to enable architects and engineers to work more seamlessly and with greater transparency.

Archicad 24 continues to build upon the collaborative features for BIM professionals found in earlier versions – but this latest release focuses on process and eliminating conflict and redundancy issues when architects and engineers are collaborating on the same files. Archicad 24 aims to unite architects and engineers by leveraging the shared BIMcloud environment to deliver integrated design.

BIMcloud is an environment that enables real-time collaboration between project team members and stakeholders, and can be configured to be either private or public cloud environments for fast and secure access to shared projects. For this release, BIMcloud has been upgraded with some additionally powerful features, including the ability to compare two BIM files – even if they are two versions of the same design – to visualize options or compare differences. In addition, Architects and structural engineers can now co-design the load-bearing structure of the building thanks to a powerful “BIM Track Changes” workflow.

For outside stakeholders, BIMx is the presentation and coordination app that allows for “game-like” navigation through models, helping anyone (including non-professionals or those outside of the AEC industry) a way to explore a building model or other deliverables. In the latest version, the 3D engine driving BIMx has been replaced. The platform also includes Twinmotion 2020 (from Epic Games), a highly realistic architectural visualization software.

Interestingly, Archicad 24 has upped the documentation game, too, with the introduction of Phyton in Archicad 24, allowing for automation scripts that can help to automate some more manual processes. This level of customization might make integration into existing workflows more powerful for those that are looking for reliable documentation outputs in their modeling work.

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