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June 24, 2010

Apply Capnor Acquires Grenland AsIs Global

Norwegian laser scanning and modeling service provider Apply Capnor announced today that it intends to acquire Grenland AsIs Global, another Norwegian 3D laser scanning service provider. The acquisition requires the approval of the Konkurransetilsynet, the Norwegian Competition Authority. The laser scanning and modeling services revenue of the combined entity is reported to be nearly 100 million NOK which is approximately $15 million USD at today’s exchange rate.

Apply Capnor is part of Apply Group AS, owned by Hitec Vison and Køhlergruppen AS. Apply Group revenues are approximately 2.7 billion NOK ($417 million); the company has 2000 employees. The laser scanning and modeling business is managed by Gunnar Dirdal.

Anyone who’s met Hallgeir Skogen, founder and former CEO of the Grenland Group, the selling party in this transaction, won’t easily forget the experience. He’s truly a force of nature.

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