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June 10, 2024

Around the AEC Industry: Underground Utilities, Layouts, Artificial Intelligence

A look at stories from around the AEC industry showcasing how technology can change – and is changing – the sector.

As the AEC industry has rapidly started adopting more technology into workflows over the last decade or two following mass criticism of being laggards in that area, a lot of attention – including here – is paid to large solutions to tackle a number of different areas. These end-to-end solutions are, of course, important, but so are the tools that can streamline very specific use cases and pieces of a larger project. This is the main focus of today’s look at stories around the industry, which looks at technology for locating underground utilities as well as technology for layouts, plus one broader look at AI’s place in the AEC/O industry. Find the full stories below.

Radiodetection RD8200SG: Locating underground utilities with Point One

Jonathan Gladbach | Point One 

As urbanization increases all around the world, more construction is necessary in populated areas to accommodate newcomers to an area, which generally means digging up areas with various utilities under the ground. Unfortunately, that can lead to dangerous situations as our understanding of what’s buried beneath the surface is not always where it should be. This article looks at a specific solution for that utility detection, looking at a solution from Radiodetection and how it works in the field.

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How Robotic Total Stations Can Help Elevate The Layout Process

Nate Bush | For Construction Pros

One of the most important processes for any construction project is the layout process, in which surveyors or other professionals lay out the overall design on the actual job site. Accuracy during this process is crucial for the overall project, as errors here can snowball into catastrophic mistakes later with issues ranging from project delays, budget overtures, and even serious injury and death. This article talks about the ways robotic total stations can be used in these workflows, discussing how that process works, the main benefits, and the state of the total station space today.

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Integrating AI in AEC/O to enhance efficiency

Maria Christine Richtsfeld | pbc today

There’s no bigger buzzword in all of industry right now than artificial intelligence, with nearly everyone you talk to having grand ideas on how the technology will ultimately transform the sector in which they operate. Some of this is certainly far-fetched, at least in the short-term, but in an industry like AEC that is dealing with growing demand and a shrinking workforce it can truly be a game-changer. This article looks at the ways that AI can be used within the industry to increase sustainability, efficiency, and decision-making.

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