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May 11, 2017

8 Small ToF Sensors in a Flexible Configuration for €99


We’ve written before about Terabee’s product line, which includes a number of low-cost 2D lidar sensors in different implementations for drones, robotics, automation and the internet of things (IoT). These products certainly aren’t single-button 3D scanning solutions, but they do offer low-cost depth sensing that is ideal for the more enterprising DIY professionals.

Today, the company offered its smallest, most interesting product yet, a €99 sensing kit called the TeraRanger Multiflex. The kit weighs 20 grams and consists of 8 small sensors (28 mm by 13.2 mm) that can be mounted on a flexible cable and configured as needed to get sensors in the right place.

Once mounted and operational, the system gathers distance measurements at a resolution of one millimeter from each sensor. These measurements are synchronized by a central hub, which streams the depth information as an array. The system works out to a range of 2 meters.

“This new kit makes very light work of implementing multi-axis, multi-sensor configurations, by reducing signal interference and the potential for sensor cross-talk, whilst still maintaining high data refresh rates. It’s incredibly flexible too,” said Terabee commercial manager Greg Watts. “You can literally just follow the shape of the surface you want to mount the sensors to.”

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