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December 15, 2021

5 questions on 3D technology that will be answered at Geo Week

Geo Week 2022 will answer key questions on technology adoption, emerging technologies and practical real-world applications of the latest 3D tech.

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In an industry where technology is rapidly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments and understand what is real and what is hype. At Geo Week 2022, our conference program is designed to help you navigate these unknowns with the help of experts, real-world case studies and more. What are some of the things you can learn at Geo Week? Here are five key questions.

1. What can reality capture technology really do - and does all that the hardware live up to the promises? 

While a lot has changed in reality capture over the last few years since our last SPAR 3D conference in Anaheim, we have been keeping up with the industry and working to gather experts to share their experiences from photogrammetry, traditional laser scanning, mobile mapping, SLAM lidar, and even solid state and cutting-edge sensors in 2022. When does accuracy matter most, and when is speed the most important? What are the new applications of reality capture that have begun to be explored across industry verticals? The Geo Week conference program is purpose-built to showcase real-world case studies, actual project applications and outcomes, and for presenters to share the pros - and the cons - of using emerging technologies on their projects - and these questions are top of mind for all of us.

2. How can data management help improve reality capture and 3D workflows?

Advances in data collection for digitalization - via laser scanning, photogrammetry and other sensors - have generated an unprecedented amount of information. Several years ago, the question was “how do we get this information?” The question has since evolved into “what can we do with it?” In the end-user-centric conference program at Geo Week, presenters and panelists will share how they’ve used, analyzed and assessed incoming data to make decisions that ultimately increase their ROI. How can users avoid drowning in data? Insights around this topic will define how users of all types quantify the value of the adoption of a new piece of technology.

3. How are AR, VR and other advanced visualizations being used in the real world?

 When AR and VR technology gets discussed, it is often in the context of gaming or entertainment. However, when combined with 3D data, these technologies can take reality capture data to an entirely new place. Will building owners be able to visit their assets virtually in real-time? Are augmented reality devices the keystone for on-demand annotation and progress tracking for construction projects? Can virtual reality provide new opportunities for collaboration across project stakeholders? With sessions that encompass the applications of these technologies, including the possibilities for advanced visualisations, the conference program at Geo Week will explore this dynamic and growing field. Through our partnership with the

4. Are “digital twins” and “the metaverse” just buzzwords?

“Digital Twins”, the “Metaverse” - there are a lot of buzzwords around new technologies that can sometimes seem more science fiction than practical. Throughout the Geo Week conference program, presentations focus on the reality of technology rather than just its potential aspirations. Examples of digital twins in action, practical uses for the metaverse and common data environments will be discussed - including a focus on demonstrating the non-theoretical ROIs of such technologies. These definitions and takeaways will shape how many of these topics are explored and leveraged over the next year.

5. If we follow the money, where does it take us?

Venture capital investments, especially through SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) and PIPEs (Private Investment in Public Equity), as well as the acquisitions of startups by larger companies have made news in 2021. Startup companies are growing and thriving (especially in 3D technology and AI) as many industries seek to digitize their workflows and are looking for practical solutions. Throughout the conference program, sessions are focused on this bottom line: developing more efficient workflows to work with less time, cost, and waste. How do organizations quantify the value of each of these elements? And how will that value define where investment growth and opportunity is happening in the technology space?

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