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May 6, 2020

3DUserNet re-opens free license program to help with remote work

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Looking to improve the process of remote work for the 3D modeling and scanning industry, 3DUserNet has announced an extension of their free trial program (starting today) to allow more companies to try their cloud-based platform while working from home.

3DUserNet’s platform allows point clouds and 3D models to be viewed, edited and shared online on any device. By eliminating the need for every user to have specialized or CPU-heavy software to view point clouds and models, 3DUserNet offers an opportunity for more people to be able to work together, especially if they are not in the same office. Rather than gathering around the only computer in the office that has the right software, 3DUserNet aims to facilitate  remote collaboration across a variety of devices.

The platform can ingest point clouds from any scanner hardware, photogrammetry solution, 3D models or line work without total size limits. The scans or point clouds can be viewed online and worked on directly online using an integrated toolset. The tools include a set of measurement tools, area, volume, angle and slope calculations, line of sight tools. The ability to directly annotate within a model (including inserting hyperlinks) can make getting feedback about project issues more straightforward, especially from customers and non-expert stakeholders.

For more permanent remote working solutions, 3DUserNet can integrate their platform with  existing web portals that companies may already be using.

3DUserNet co-Founder Paul Snudden emphasized that being able to effectively collaborate is key.

“I think the big draw for users is not just the range of easy to use features, but also the extensive collaboration and sharing options that allow them to work in teams and with clients and stakeholders really effectively”

Earlier this year, 3DUserNet offered a free three-month license trial to its users in response to the challenges posed by working remotely due to COVID-19. Because much of their customer base were working in remote situations, 3DUserNet hoped to provide the means for companies to expand their technology and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolios. After granting hundreds of free licenses in the first round, 3DUserNet has announced that they are re-launching the program for another thee-month trial.

The new trial license program is open for new sign-ups here. At the end of the three-month trial period, there is no requirement to commit to purchasing the software, and there is no automatic fee charged.

In addition to the trial licenses, the company is including one-to-one training sessions and personal support for any problems. A library of tutorials has also been developed that is designed to help onboard new users as effectively as possible.

In a letter from 3DUserNet cofounders, they expressed their understanding of the uncertainty of the current environment.

“You might need this capability now, or might just want to experiment for ways of working in the future. We just hope it helps you in some way.”

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