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October 24, 2017

3D Target's SCANFLY lidar mounts on any kind of vehicle


3D Target’s lidar sensor SCANFLY has gotten a redesign, which includes a new layout, more resources, new features, and increased storage capability.

Initially developed to provide 3D laser-mapping capabilities to the emerging UAV market, SCANFLY is an ultra-compact and lightweight solution based on Velodyne LiDAR VLP-16 Puck and OXTS IMU that mounts on any kind of aerial, terrestrial, or marine vehicle.

New mounting kit

With SCANFLY V2, 3D Target introduces a new Universal Mounting Plate kit and a backpack equipped with a 4-hour autonomy battery pack. This opens up the possibility for users to easily switch from vehicle-mounted mode to backpack option and use it indoors. The backpack offers a INS mode (with inertial system and GNSS) and a SLAM mode for automatic indoor localization and mapping.

This is not the first time we see a system such as this one. Last year, we wrote an article covering 3D Laser Mapping ROBIN LiDAR system, which is basically a very similar solution to 3D Target SCANFLY.


The lidar Sensor features a dual return and a 16-channel laser scanner that captures 300,000 points per second. It has a range of 100 meters, with a 360º horizontal and 10/15º vertical field of view.

The new version of the SCANFLY will include one or two 5-12 megapixel Global Shutter RGB cameras to add RGB values your point clouds, and a backpack-only 360° panoramic camera with more than 90 megapixels. It will also feature an extra-long Wi-Fi connection up to 150 Mbps; new push-pull Connectors for power, external connections, and camera control; 32 GB SSD internal storage + 32 GB extended storage capability with External USB 3.0 key.


The company is also launching a SCANFLY dedicated application, SmartSurvey, which allows users to control the sensor remotely. It also provides real-time point-cloud streaming as well as RTK correction of the position/trajectory in real-time directly on a computer.

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