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March 30, 2016

Why this 3D Services Provider Sold to a Contractor

A 3D piping model with point cloud laid on top.

Last week Grand Rapids, Michigan-based mechanical contractor and fabricator Andy J. Egan announced its newest acquisition: 3D Imaging Services, a “construction technology company that specializes in providing digital documentation utilizing advanced 3D imaging technologies, as-built modeling, facilities management solutions and more.”

Yesterday, I caught up with Andy Jasper, president of Andy Egan, and Michael James, 3DIS Project Director. They answered one big question: Why 3DIS decided to come in under Andy Egan’s roof.

“We started working with 3DIS about five years ago,” said Andy Jasper. “After getting to know Michael and his team, it became apparent that there was a good chemistry being built between the two companies, and Andy Egan saw a place for 3DIS under our umbrella. Michael and his team were looking for more resources to enable them to grow on a more nationwide basis.”

Coming into the Andy Egan organization represents the next step for 3DIS, who have developed past the early stages. “For 3DIS,” James said, “starting this company in 2006 when scanning was obviously fairly new, getting market traction and getting people using it was really an educational process. We spent a lot of years trying to build customers, and trying to gain customers’ trust to use this technology.”

With that stage accomplished (at least with Andy Egan), 3DIS “needed the resources to really grow, to offer more” to their clients. As James explains it, this means offering more than scanning and as-builts. With the resources of Andy Egan at their disposal, 3DIS will be able to handle much more in-depth processes.

The last benefit is education. Though James said the quality of 3DIS’s work has been improving steadily over the years, the knowledge the company gains from Andy Egan promises to bring their work to the next level.

“The quality of work will be better,” James explain. “We don’t just have a guy who can push a button, make a scan, and create a model. We have people who have engineering backgrounds, who have trade backgrounds who know building systems. Who know what it takes to engineer something.”

In the end, selling to Andy Egan has the big benefit that every service provider is looking for: competitive edge.

“The quality of our work is that much better,” said James. “And that’s really what we need in today’s market to be successful.”

For more on why Andy Egan acquired 3DIS, read SPAR 3D’s coverage.

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