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June 20, 2018

3D Repo’s online BIM platform now performs instant clash detection between different kinds of models


3D Repo, an online SaaS for collaborative BIM work, has a history of incorporating recent technologies into its solutions. Most of the company’s focus has fallen on visualization technologies like VR and 4D rendering, but a recent development promises an improvement in processing and QA.

3D Repo has announced software that “identifies clashes in construction plans by analyzing 3D models submitted by project partners and contractors.” This functionality has already been added to 3D Repo’s web-based 3D Diff solution and reportedly operates in real-time.

According to an official release, the function automatically identifies and highlights “intersections” between different types of models incorporated into the BIM.

In the course of a building design process, each discipline—structural, environmental, electrical, plumbing, etc—develops a 3D model, and often these models are developed in isolation. 3D Diff can compare these models, regardless of the file format of the software used to create them. As a next step, the software can create visualizations to demonstrate clashes for stakeholders or projects teams.

“Clashes are often the cause of serious delays in construction projects as the BIM process consists of data originating from different project contributors,” commented Dr Jozef Dobos, CEO of 3D Repo. “Spotting clashes in real-time and at any stage can make an enormous difference in the ease, speed and therefore cost of the rectification process.”

For more information, see 3D Repo’s website here.

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