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June 10, 2013

3D industry veteran Greaves to set sales strategy for 'disruptive,' tablet-based scanner


DotProduct hires former CyArk chief Tom Greaves to sell 3D imaging devices for less than $5,000

Startup DotProduct LLC, maker of handheld, tablet-based 3D imaging devices selling for less than $5,000, said Monday it hired Tom Greaves, the former CyArk executive director, as its new Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Houston, Texas-based DotProduct manufacturers the DPI-7 3D structured light scanner, whose main components are an Android tablet, running proprietary software called Phi-3D, and the same calibrated RGB-D imager as the PrimeSense sensor technology behind Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system.

Commercial availability of the product, carrying a $4,950 price tag, is slated for July, co-founder and CEO Brian Ahern told SPAR 3D.

The lightweight, battery-powered device captures real-time, RGB picture data to generate full-color, photorealistic 3D point clouds in seconds, which can then be used in the field or uploaded to the cloud via the tablet’s WiFi.

The product’s applications target various industries including AEC, manufacturing, oil and gas, forensics, historic preservation and entertainment, with possible future applications as a consumer technology.

Ahern told SPAR that Greaves, who he’s known for over 15 years, “knows those markets on a worldwide basis, and will determine the company’s go-to-market strategy” in each vertical, pointing out that the 3D scanner’s low price point “gives us a lot of flexibility on how we go to market.”

“We are really tapping into a gap in this business,” Ahern said. “We believe our product will be very disruptive with its combination of ease of use and price point.”

Ahern said there is already a list of 100 companies waiting for the product to be released with many requests coming from Asia and South America. He chalks up the early industry buzz about his product to one industry conference, specifically.

“Business is going phenomenally as a result of SPAR International,” he said, referring to the industry’s leading conference on end-to-end 3D, which took place in Colorado Springs in April.

For the past 18 months, Greaves led CyArk, the 3D digital heritage preservation group, which announced Friday that he had “completed his tenure” and was returning to the private sector. CyArk Founder and Chairman Ben Kacyra will assume leadership of the Oakland, Calif.-based nonprofit. 

Greaves, who starts his new role at DotProduct June 27, was also the former head of SPAR 3D and has over 25 years experience advising engineering, construction, forensics, manufacturing and heritage documentation professionals on the application of 3D imaging and information technologies.

“We’ve just begun to understand the vast opportunities for 3D data capture,” Greaves said in a statement. “DotProduct’s real-time registration and quality feedback and ease-of-use delivers step function increases in speed and cost-effectiveness to industrial and consumer markets. Real-time 3D is the foundation of augmented reality.”

DotProduct was also co-founded last year by former Google engineer, Rafael Spring, and Mark Klusza, the founder and former owner of BitWyse Solutions, a 3D software firm acquired byTrimble Navigation in 2006.

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