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May 20, 2014

32 Advisors Announces Formation of Measure, Drone As A Service


 NEW YORK – MAY 12, 2014 – 32 Advisors announced today the formation of a new subsidiary, Measure (, which provides advisory and Drone as a ServiceSM. They will assist a range of clients including private companies, NGO’s, and civilian public sector agencies worldwide who can benefit from unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Measure will be based in 32 Advisors’ Washington, DC office and will be led by Brandon Torres Declet, CEO, and Justin P. Oberman, President, who will both also serve as Principals to 32 Advisors. Brandon and Justin have a deep understanding of UAS and combined bring over 30 years of experience in aerospace and homeland security. Jane Holl Lute, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, will serve as a Senior Advisor.

The future holds promising applications for the utilization of UAS including precision agriculture; oil and gas exploration and servicing; disaster response; power line surveys; wildlife tracking; weather monitoring; aerial imaging/mapping; television news coverage; and environmental monitoring. The commercial drone market is projected to be a $100 billion industry with most forecasts expecting double-digit growth every year over the next decade.

Measure’s service offering includes two primary components. The Advisory practice will provide consulting services to help non-military clients understand drone technology, map out specific missions, select the best aircraft and sensors produced by more than 1000 manufacturers worldwide, and realize the benefits of data derived from aerial imagery. The Drone as a ServiceSM offering will provide turn-key operational services so drones are airborne for clients as-needed and on-demand. This approach allows clients to pay for what they need, when they need it and make changes to aircraft, payloads and missions without having to make large capital investments.

“Whenever a new, complex, game-changing industry such as drone services emerges, potential users seek expert advice. As an innovative cross-border advisory firm, 32 Advisors is excited to offer this cutting edge service to our clients here and abroad via Measure,” said Robert Wolf, Founder and CEO, 32 Advisors.

“With the FAA poised to expand access to U.S. airspace over the next year and beyond, and with sustained growth overseas, Measure is ideally positioned to serve clients interested in this capability,” said Jane Holl Lute, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security and Senior Advisor to Measure.

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