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April 4, 2012

What is Apple doing with those 3D patents?

It seems like half the internet is buzzing about Apple and its new patents for 3D data capture technology and avatar creation. The mind reels at what Apple might have up their sleeves, from using your phone as “laser scanner” to the rapid creation of handy 3D models of just about anything you come across (including your own face). 

Tack all of this together with me stumbling across a brand-new hand-held laser scanner that attaches to Apple devices via Bluetooth, and you’ve got yourself a SPARVlog. Take a look:


Supporting materials:

• Apple’s patent for a 3D data capture device

• Apple’s two patents for placing an asset on, and integrating an asset with, a 3D model

• The new Armada hand-held 3D scanner

Justin Toland’s look at what Apple’s 3D patents mean

• Matterport’s new hand-held scan-to-model solution

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