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August 10, 2016

Weekly 3D Briefing - 8/10/16


Matterport Secures New Investors for Its Virtual Reality 3D-Mapping Tech [TechCrunch]

Claiming that they have a lot of cash already, the CEO explained that the new investors are wanted for their expertise in new markets. Which markets? They don’t say.

Successful Commissioning of Heap Profile and Volume Measurement System at ADANI [Informed Infrastructure]

A raw material stockyard has outfitted their reclaiming system with a 3D laser measurement system for volumetric measurement.

Display Technology Eliminates Need for 3D Glasses []

A new type of cinema display may save you from wearing those weird, sharp, plastic glasses next time you want to see a superhero movie in 3D.

Baidu Is Bringing Intelligent AR to the Masses [MIT Technology Review]

The Chinese internet goliath (think of a Chinese Google and you’re close) has announced an augmented reality platform for their mobile apps. Aided by computer vision and deep learning, it will “add an extra layer to the real world for millions of people.”

Apple Wins Patent for Another Vague 3D Thing [Patently Apple]

The iPhone 7 may include technology that tracks your head in 3D space for more effective parallax (or perspective) effects. Or at least I think this is what they’re talking about.

Hackers Fool Tesla S’s Autopilot to Hide and Spoof Obstacles [Wired]

Researchers fooled the system at a conference, not in a car traveling at highway speeds. It’s good work, but inconclusive (and possibly meaningless).

Intel Acquires Nervana Systems Which Could Significantly Enhance Future Machine Learning Capabilities [Forbes]

Intel bought their own deep-learning product, which they will likely use in new technologies that perform object recognition (in 3D data?), financial modeling, and other data processing tasks.

3D Imaging is Helping us Save History for the Future []

A partnership between Oxford University, UNESCO, and the Dubai Future Foundation is working to preserve at-risk historical artifacts.

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