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May 27, 2016

Recommended Reading: May 27, 2016


(I’m trying out a new feature this week: Weekend Reading. I’ll use it to gather all the great articles I read this week during my research.)

HoloLens Review
IEEE runs the developer’s HoloLens kit through its paces, says it “shines despite rough edges.”

The Growth of 4D Construction
ENR charts the rise of four-dimensional planning in construction and explains its remarkable benefits.

Scanning a Castle with No Budget
No money? No problem! Let this game designer show you how to use a camera to make a 3D model for virtually free.

Apple’s 3D Mapping Processor
Apple filed another patent for 3D mapping, and all signs point toward gesture control as their intended use.

Samsung’s Patent for a Smartphone 3D Scanner
Not to be outdone, Samsung just filed for a patent, too.

BIM Mandate an “Internationally Unparalleled Achievement” Says UK Task Group
Does this mean the UK met its extremely aggressive BIM goal?

BIM Needs to Get with the Times
How do we open BIM up so it’s not just architects using it? Serious games, visualizations, and social apps could make it easier for all stakeholders to participate in the process.

Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction
A new exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum takes on 3D scanning for heritage, and finds some of the results lacking.

Here’s Why VR Might Not be a Good fit for Journalists
It’s seductive, but it is good for us?

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