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September 14, 2016

This Week in 3D - Sept 14, 2016


3D Scans Contain More than You Know [Paul Tice, LinkedIn]
While scanning the Eugene Masonic Cemetery in Eugene, Oregon, ToPa found that LiDAR backscatter could tell them more about their site than simple geometry.

What is Digital Construction? [TheB1M]
“The word “digital” is confusing and could mean many different things to many different people. The word “construction” is misleading too. We’re actually talking about the whole lifecycle process from end-to-end.”

3D Reality vs. GIS Reality – Can You See Clearly Now? []
Which is best? What’s the truest representation of what’s really tree?

3D Map of Ocean Floor Uncovers Strange Surprise [Forbes]
Surprise! Here’s a new batch of coral reefs that no one had ever seen before.

How Tesla’s Software Update Fixed a Deadly Flaw in Autopilot [Slate]
Radar sensors won’t take a back seat anymore.

Uber’s Pittsburgh Project is a Crucial Test for Self-Driving Cars [Technology Review]
Companies are rushing the tech to market, but is it safe enough for prime time?

How is VR Being Used in the Construction Industry? [VR/AR World]
VR isn’t just a toy, construction companies are using it to get real work done.

A Non-Technical Introduction to AI, Or: Why This Might be the Most Important Tech Ever [Mr 2Morrow]
Finally, someone explains why deep learning is crucial to the future of the human race.

The LiDAR Effect: Smart City Edition [GeospatialWorld]
Without LiDAR, you don’t get smart cities. It’s as simple as that.

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