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August 31, 2016

This Week in 3D - 8/31/16

A designer explores crowd-sourced design feedback of the Admiralty station gathered from a public-exhibition wayfinding session. Courtesy of Arup

This week: why your simulations need a 4th dimension, ARUP is taken over by a video game, and some important choices we need to make about the future of 3D.

The Opportunities of 4D Simulation [Planning and Building Control Today]

3D data is great, but when workers need to understand sequence of events in a big building project, adding an extra dimension makes all the difference.

The Next Steps for 3D [GIM International]

The whole world will soon be available in a constantly updated 3D model…right? Well, maybe not. Here’s why.

Commuter Rail Workers in Boston Are About to Get Bionic Eyes
[Technology Review]

In September, Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority mechanics will receive AR smart glasses so they can communicate with expert techs in the main maintenance facility.

A Video Game is Overtaking Post-Occupancy Evaluation in Architecture [Autodesk Line/Shape/Space]

Arup uses a video game to evaluate whether their building design works for its occupants—or not.

Smart Facilities: The Next Generation of Sustainable Management and Operations [Dassault Systemes Blog]

Dassault demonstrates how their platform offers a “unified virtual environment for design, simulation and seamless exchange of information between electronics, mechatronics and sensors of each system…”

From Caterpie to Caterpillar: IoT Raises AR/VR Beyond Child’s Play [Orbcomm]

This article has it all: augmented reality, Pokemon Go, construction, and the internet of things. Read through to see how these hotly hyped technologies are growing up and helping commercial users to get real work done.

Japan’s Shipbuilders look to VR for Efficiency [Hellenic Shipping News]

Amid a tough market (sound familiar?) Japanese ship manufacturers are looking to VR for a business edge.

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