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April 26, 2016

This VR Sport is Like Tron

Project Arena from CCP Games (source: Polygon)

Project Arena is a virtual reality sport designed by CCP Games. It looks incredible, like a round of Pong played in a stylized virtual reality world (ever seen Tron?).

Some lucky writers at games publication Polygon gave it a spin:

“We tried two game modes, one of which allowed you to use your wrist-mounted shield to knock a virtual disc back and forth as it arced around a red net with a narrow yellow ring. If you hit the net, you lost a point. If you hit the ring, the disc sped up as it approached your opponent. If you hit your opponent, you gain a point. The second game mode also gave you a shield along with the ability to shift that shield into a disc to fling at your opponent while deflecting their attacks.”

If that’s hard for you to visualize, have no fear—there’s a demo video, too.

For more on the development of the game (and a look into the possible future of virtual reality in commercial applications), check out Polygon’s excellent interview with the executive producer of CCP’s VR labs.


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