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December 24, 2015

10 Most Popular Blogs of 2015


1. Review of Handheld Scanners — Eugene Liscio

A detailed summary of technical features and applications for forensics (and beyond). Covered: handheld scanners from FARO, Mantis Vision, DotProduct, and Artec.


2. A LiDAR Unit for Under $100 — Sean Higgins

“The result [of their work]was the market’s lowest-cost LiDAR units, the LiDAR-Lite. It totals only $89 for a single 2D sensor, and that’s just the manufacturer suggested retail–the street price is closer to $75.”

cors map650

3. Precise Point Positioning: An Alternative GPS Method — Jan Van Sickle

“If you rely on real-time kinematic GPS in your work, please know that there is an alternative real-time method that will deliver centimeter level results. It can work anywhere in the world, the user need not establish control stations or have access to corrections from reference stations operated by others. Furthermore, it ameliorates the limits on the baseline lengths imposed by differential processing.”

google car top

4. Google is Making its Own LiDAR Sensor — Sean Higgins

“This week IEEE Spectrum, the flagship magazine of the world’s largest professional organization for engineering and applied sciences, ran a piece about the Google self-driving car where they named all of Google’s partners in the project. […] According to the article, Urmson has said that Google is developing its own LiDAR sensor.”


5. 3D Scanning for a Bra and Breast-Cancer Awareness — Jonathan Coco

“If there is one thing I have learned from 3D scanning, it is to expect anything!”

6. The Wasted Point Cloud Data Sets — Artemis Valanis

7. ARIA’s UAV Robot Scans Bridges Automatically — Sean Higgins

8. Five Things to Know as Scanning Services Lose Value — Sam Billingsley

9. 3D Hits another Target Market — William Tompkinson

10. $250 LiDAR for Cars… and UAVs? — Sean Higgins

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