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February 2, 2015

New SPAR Insider Podcast: Max Elbaz, President of Optech, Inc.

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As you might know, for each episode of SPAR Insider, I’ll be sitting down with a 3D-imaging leader for a quick talk about the decisions, ideas, and strategies shaping our marketplace. In this episode, I interview Max Elbaz, president of Optech, Inc. about the strategy behind Optech’s new generation of products, their unique value proposition, and where he sees the company in the future.

Have a listen below.

Featuring Max Elbaz, President of Optech, Inc.

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To download mp3, right click here and select the appropriate option for your browser.

Still wondering, What is the SPAR Insider Podcast Series?

SPAR Insider provides the SPAR community access to the leadership insights that are driving today’s dynamic marketplace. Hosted by SPAR’s Sean Higgins, SPAR Insider affords a unique vantage into the people and strategies that are shaping the market. Listen to these informative 15 minute segments at your leisure. They’re perfect for listening on the go, with no time to spare!

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