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August 26, 2015

Diplopia 3D


GIF Source: Prosthetic Knowledge blog

Via the ever-reliable Prosthetic Knowledge comes this little gem of a video. Diplopia is a project from multidisciplinary art studio Onion Lab. It’s a projection meant to be mapped onto the side of a building to create the illusion of the building changing and moving. You’ve likely seen this sort of thing if you’re European, where projection mapping seems to be a popular fixture at festivals like Lyon’s Fête des Lumières. At that particular festival, I once saw a projection that made a public building look like it was engulfed in flames–suffice it to say that these pieces tend to be pretty spectacular.

The twist is that the piece is stereoscopic, and if the audience uses anaglyph glasses (like those nerdy red and blue paper glasses that used to come in magazines), then the projection appears to be in 3D, adding a whole new dimension (sorry) to the experience.

Here’s how Onion Lab describes the piece:

“Diplopia is an stereoscopic piece that revolves around the concept of binocular vision, that is to say, how our eyes merge two separate images to perceive a single object. Two different points of view that arise as a consequence of binocular disparity. In keeping with the main theme of the FIMG 2015—contradictions—, Diplopia focuses on opposing concepts, such as light and darkness, flexible versus rigid, near and far, noise and silence, wet and dry… The volumetric contrasts and illusion of depth create images intended to confuse, unsettle and fascinate the public..”

Here’s the 2D version, followed by the 3D version if you’re lucky enough to have anaglyph glasses hanging around.

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