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May 20, 2015

Featured Video: Point Clouds are Beautiful

from the mill's video

Point clouds are useful, that much you know already. But they’re also beautiful–one of the best parts of my job is coming across videos that use this as an advantage. Instead of exploiting the point cloud as a means to the final product, they use the point cloud itself as part of the final product. One of the studios that seems to pop up a lot is SCANable, whose founder and CEO Travis Reinke I interviewed a few months back about a (tough) project he completed scanning supermodels to help Garage magazine produce their first augmented reality covers.

SCANable’s new project shows us the point cloud in its raw form. From a description written by The Mill, the special effects company that SCANable worked with to produce this project:

“SCANable performed 3D Laser Scans of numerous elements from Columbus Circle at the southwest corner of Central Park to the northeast corner and stitched together the journey as a set of data. The result is a visual representation of the “energy differential between the city and the park,” as Director Marco Brambilla described it.

The Mill team worked with video artist Marco Brambilla for ‘Anthropocene,’ a triptych of haunting, dreamlike video installations depicting the geography between Central Park and Columbus Circle. Anthropocene premiered at the celebration of the new Hugo Boss flagship store opening at The Shops at Columbus Circle in New York City.”

All I know is, it looks beautiful.

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