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March 18, 2015

FARO Debuts AEC Site for Educating Newbies

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It looks like FARO buying kubit was only the first part of their play to get a bigger chunk of the AEC market. As of Tuesday March 17th, the FARO AEC website was live and “highlighting the impact of laser scanning within the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.” That description from FARO is a little modest, though, because the site actually does a fair amount more than that–it also offers a great beginner’s guide for AEC professionals who want to get into the 3D scanning game.

Click the “Start Learning” button at the top and the site takes you through the 3 steps of laser scanning. The writeup for each step–scan, process, and deliver–also includes a short video demonstration. It offers something we sometimes forget newcomers need: simple descriptions, a step-by-step guide, and some basic information you can present to the person who writes the checks. All this and there are minimal technical details to cloud the water.

Sure, they tell you what FARO products you can use at each step, too, but that has its own value–we talk a lot about solutions, but its nice to see the different parts of the solution laid out one after the other like this, with the totally uninitiated in mind.

Click on your specific industry at the bottom of the page and the guide takes you one step deeper, explaining specific applications. For construction, there are bullet points for as-built documentation, dimensional verification for prefabricated systems, and multi-trade management. At the bottom of that particular industry’s section, you’ll find a link to a webinar put on by FARO with your friends at SPAR.

This is not to say that FARO is the first to put out this kind of information–but by presenting a clear, easy to navigate beginner’s guide, they’ve certainly done something worth talking about.

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