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November 29, 2011

VideoBlog: Five things I learned at SPAR Europe

One of the great things about the Thanksgiving break is that it gives you some time to reflect on the past year without the pressure of the holidays (I mean, HOLIDAYS). As vegetarians, Thanksgiving is pretty low-key for us anyway, and it gave me a chance to think about SPAR Europe without the pressure of day-to-day web maintenance and database failures and all the other wonderful things that go into running an e-media site. 

So, today’s video blog is a look back at five things I learned at SPAR Europe, looking at larger trends that finally hit home for me and smaller points that need elucidation.

Have at it:


Supporting links 

• Of course, I’m not the only one to reach this conclusion about total stations

• Darling Environmental and Surveying are one of many surveyors to notice the gaming industry as a market for business

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