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September 27, 2011

Using 3D laser scanning for evil...

Okay, so this week’s VideoBlog is a little tongue in cheek, but I’ve recently been interested in the way the criminal element is using 3D data capture and imaging technology to get a leg up on the authorities. Starting with the creation of ATM skimmers and moving on to the uploading of plans for the printing of vital rifle parts, I began to think about how scanning could be used for a wide variety of evil intents – some relatively harmless, others definitely nefarious, indeed. 

Will laser scanners eventually be something only a licensed professional can own? Doubtful, but this is one idea, among many, that I explore in this week’s VideoBlog:


Useful links to accompany the video:

Gang uses 3D scanners, printers, to create ATM skimmers

What are the ethics of uploading printable models for things that you need a license to own?

Twitter profile for the 3D scanning guys at the Smithsonian, who pointed out the above links

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