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February 14, 2011

Tuck Mapping and AeroMetric partner

Two firms with quite a bit of geospatial experience have teamed up to focus on “high-accuracy mapping services” – Tuck Mapping Solutions and AeroMetric, Inc. Read the whole release here.

Essentially, AeroMetric will now have at its disposal the eagleeye Mapping System (you know it’s got to be high-tech because it shuns capital letters) that Tuck has as its hallmark. And, in turn, Tuck will have the reach of AeroMetric and its five locations across the United States. Seems like a good deal for everyone, including the clients. 

Here’s the total capabilities the two companies can bring to the table:

In combination Tuck Mapping and AeroMetric bring extensive capabilities to the High Accuracy Mapping market, including 3 turbine helicopters equipped with state-of-the-art eagleeye® Corridor Mapping Systems, 10 aircraft with multiple Optech and full-waveform Riegl LiDAR systems, and digital mapping cameras from Z/I Imaging, Leica, and Applanix. In addition, both firms have significant experience in fusing terrestrial, mobile, and aerial LiDAR data sets.

That’s a fair amount of gear, no?

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