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November 16, 2012

Talking shop with the cops

Now that I’m back stateside from SPAR Europe, the task of boiling down all the video I gathered is a pretty enormous one. As a first go, though, I thought I’d give you my interview with Neil Pollack and Nick Wright, both surveyors with the Metropolitan Police, since it follows so nicely with the last two posts on how police agencies are using 3D in their forensic work.

The Metro Police were some of the first to embrace laser scanning in the UK. It was they who created the famous fly-through associated with the murder of MI6 agent Gareth Williams and they were scanning sites well before the great collective scanner purchase by UK departments last year. So it’s probably worth hearing about how they decide to use laser scanning in their work, what kind of deliverables they’re normally creating, and what kind of technology they find themselves using most often.

You can find all of that and more in my interview with Nick and Neil below:


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