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June 13, 2012

SPARVlog: New technology from SPAR Japan

As I noted in last week’s SPARVlog, the language barrier at SPAR Japan is real. Not only is it difficult for a reporter like me to gather information, but it can be difficult for companies with very interesting technology to get their message out to the world at large, as well. If the software doesn’t have an English version, how likely is it to take hold in the world at large?

Talking there (us English speakers gravitated to one another) with Z+F’s product manager for laser measurement technology, Henning Roch, I would often hear him ask a fellow exhibitor wishing to show him some software technology: “Where is the English version? I can’t do anything with it without the English version.” Even more importantly, where are the English sales materials?

However, walking the exhibit hall and watching the presentations, it was easy to see that there was some very interesting technology being developed in Japan. The great thing about 3D is that it’s pretty dang visual – when someone is doing something with a point cloud, it’s hard to miss. So, in this week’s SPARVlog, I’ve got some new technology to show you – we’ll see if you make of it what I did:


Related links: 

• Galaxy-Eye is a software product actually made by Fuji Technical Research. They do have a pretty decent English sell page, I found, once I did some searching. It’s bare bones, but you get a good idea of the software’s features. 

• The Kurabo photogrammetry software is created in their Electronics Division (it’s a big company – they also do textiles, for example) and is called Kuraves. Here’s the information page for that. Again, pretty straightforward, but you get the idea.

Here’s the abstract for PASCO Corp’s presentation at ISPRS 2012, outlining how they generate high resolution and high precision orthorectified road imagery from a mobile mapping system. See you in Australia.

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