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August 8, 2012

SPARVlog: 3D and the Mars Curiosity Rover

I have to believe you’re at least as excited about this Mars Curiosity Rover as I am. What an incredible feat of engineering and ingenuity. I’m quite literally fascinated by the new images coming back, and can never get enough about how we’re continuing to explore the red planet. So, of course, I’ve explored just about every 3D imaging angle possible in learning about the mission for this week’s SPARVlog.

Here, take a look:


Supporting materials:

• Use of lidar on the Phoenix Lander.

• View of the green lidar laser from the Phoenix.

• Follow the Curiosity on Twitter. No. Seriously. Do this.

• Nice piece from Desktop Engineering on the use of Siemens software on the Curiosity.

• Teledyne Technologies supplied cameras that will be used for 3D positioning as well (found this after I made the video).

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