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April 27, 2016

SPAR CSI Results: Videos and Data Sets

The results from SPAR's forensics demonstration session

The Forensics Workshop at SPAR was quite a bit of fun and it was a great experience to see a lot of different 3D equipment in action all in a very short span of time.  Both the indoor and outdoor scenes were scanned and there was a significant amount of data collected.

For those wanting to get some of that data in their hands (along with a number of workshop photos), it will be hosted for a short time at the following Dropbox link;

In addition, the people at Veesus took the time to assemble much of the data in a video animation created in Arena 4D, Data Studio.  The animation is available here:

Finally, if you prefer to interact with the data, Daniel Schultz has provided us a repository using uGRIDD.  This is an online repository that allows georeferenced data sets to be interactively viewed using their uPANO viewer which creates panoramic viewpoints from the point cloud data.

Thanks to all who assisted putting this together!

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