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November 28, 2012

Solving the compliance problem with 3D

If there’s anything you hear over and over again at a SPAR conference, it’s this: “Technology is useless if it’s not actually solving anyone’s problems!” And, yes, there’s always an exclamation point at the end of that sentence, in its various forms. So, while it’s fun to talk about new products and their specs, I do try to focus as much as possible on applications and how 3D technology can make people’s jobs easier.

While chatting up the Spheron booth at SPAR Europe, I ran across one such practical application that made a lot of sense: Using 3D visualization to help with compliance management. Essentially, how do you make sure you’ve got all the necessary documentation on file and easily accessible to make sure you comply with the myriad regulations that any plant and facility operator deals with on a daily basis?

Well, Nico Duyx from RMT Solutions and Marien van den Hoek of SPIE had a pretty good answer for that, utilizing Spheron’s 360-degree photogrammetry technology, combined with laser scanning, and good old SQL (or otherwise) databasing. You can find us talking about the solution here:


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