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August 12, 2011

Scanning Venice by boat

It sounds a bit hucksterish, but I really do get excited for some of the content we’ve got lined up for our conferences. I’m fixated on the mobile mapping demonstrations at SPAR Europe today after discovering this project involving the scanning of Venice, Italy, by boat. Riegl has put together a great video that should whet your appetite.

With a RIEGL VMX-250 mobile laser scanning system. RIEGL, Universita IUAV di Venecia, EKG Baukultur and Phocad used for the first time the VMX-250-CS6 camera system and got some terrific colored point clouds using a rigged-up boat on what looks like some choppy waters (I’ve never been to Venice – somehow I thought the canals were a lot calmer).

Here’s the video:


Having just recently been aboard a boat rigged for scanning, I’m pretty interested to see what hurdles needed to be overcome in this case. How long did that processing take? What kind of deliverables did they produce? How much are we talking in hardware cost here?

The video just tells me the first bit of the story. I need the rest. 

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