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August 24, 2016

Say Goodbye to Construction Blueprints with HoloLens

Martin Brothers using AR to build a bathroom pod with no blueprints.

Cody Nowak, director of research and development at Martin Bros. has worked on a number of big projects around LA. Using the company’s on-site BIM CAVE, he has developed a number of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions for the firm.

One of those solutions led to a proof of concept where a team was able to build a bathroom pod frame without the use of construction blueprints. Instead, the team used only a Microsoft HoloLens and a rendered model.

Here’s a bit more description from Bluebeam’s STRXUR blog:

“With the HoloLens superimposing the augmented reality pod design on the top and bottom of a frame, a builder followed the scaled 3D projection seen through his HoloLens headset to complete physical construction. Among other exciting aspects, this process involved direct interaction between the AR world and the real world, delivering fascinating, tangible results.”

Watch Nowak discuss the process and the future of AR in construction:

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