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June 3, 2016

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Open Data, BIM, and the Semantic Web

Is open data inevitable? A few recent BIM events have looked at how BIM data might be shared outside of the immediate project team, asking how that data “might be connected to other data or even made more widely available, perhaps as open data.”

Magic Leap’s Latest Surprise: It’s Working on Robots

Court filings for new lawsuit show that the company has been developing deep-learning for robotics. Extra points if you have any idea why they would do that. Any idea at all.

With BIM Mandate Here, UK Turns to (other) Sensors

Bechtel is gunning for BIM level 3 certification, which uses other kinds of sensors to extract big data from infrastructure. 3D data is just the start.

Aerial LiDAR… it’s just a bunch of dots, right?

You, experienced user of 3D data that you are, probably know this: “The attributes of each point and the relationship between all the points can have a huge bearing on whether this set of survey measurements has any use at all.”

A Total Look at the Power of GIS and BIM Together

Maybe it’s best if we have data for the inside AND the outside… “It is the integration of these systems that gives facility managers, engineers, architects and others a “total look” at a structural asset from virtually every vantage point, enabling informed decisions.”

The Fifth Dimension: Utilizing 3D Modeling for Estimating and Project Definition

3D data is just the base—we need full support for “what-if” scenarios to improve cost forecasting for energy, topography, and scheduling if we want to improve the whole construction process.

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