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May 10, 2017

Real-Time, 3D-Scanning Mirror


When you were younger, you probably played with a pin art toy. You laid it over a pair of scissors, or a pencil, or your hand, and saw what it looked like re-created by pins. After that, you probably jumped to making a 3D cast of a funny facial expression.

Now, imagine a similar device that re-creates your face in three dimensions in real-time, like a 3D mirror. Now, also imagine the idea turned into abstract art. Meet Kagami.

Kagami scans the participant’s face and generates a 3D model of it. “On the basis of this data,” the creators explain, “around 5,000 rods are moved forward by a motor, creating a creating a 3D face in real time. The face then becomes a canvass for the theme of ‘Kacho Fugetsu’, which means beauties of nature in Japanese, as electric makeup art featuring morning glory, bamboo, butterflies, kingfishers, ibis, sunsets, cherry blossoms, moon etc. is projected onto its surface.”

To see the device in action, watch below.

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