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September 6, 2017

Photogrammetry escape route


The democratization of 3D capture technology is a big deal for commercial users, sure, but there is a secondary group of people who benefit just as much: artists. As the market ramps up production of low cost and easy to use 3D capture tools, you’ll find an increasing number of artists experimenting with the technology and making visually spectacular work.

Dirk Koy, for instance, used photogrammetry to generate this experimental 360° film that slides through the city of Basel, Switzerland. When we see the word “photogrammetry,” we expect hyper-realistic results, but the video surprises with an abstract, impressionistic environment instead.

That’s not to say that it’s too arty, either. The main thrill of the video is the experience itself, the feel of exploring a city at great speeds, changing your perspective as you go. No art degree required for entry, click below to start the ride.

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